Cinespect is a media source on the New York City cinema experience and beyond. Founded in 2010, Cinespect is dedicated to offering readers the most robust and well-rounded content, including reviews of new releases and repertory programming, articles about film-related events in the city, interviews with industry professionals, op-eds, film festival coverage, and in-depth features.


Charles H. Meyer, Editor-in-Chief
Dia Siegel, Executive Editor
Paul Anthony Johnson, DVD/Blu-ray Reviews Editor
Claire E. Peters, Assistant Editor
Ryan Wells, Founder and Editor-at-Large
Carlos J. Segura, Co-founder

Loretta Wong, Design Director


Genevieve Amaral
Joel Neville Anderson
Christopher Atamian
John Bleasdale
Amy J. Boyd
Rebecca A. Brown
Rachel Chu
Halim Cillov
Matt Cohen
Jake Cole
Clayton Dillard
Wheeler Winston Dixon
Brian Doan
Will Dodson
Judith Dry
David Fitzgerald
Christopher Garland
Daniel Guzmán
Jeremy Allan Hawkins
B.L. Hazelwood
Janna Hochberg
Pikey Holdredge
Cole Hutchison
Daniel Kavanagh
Nicholas Katzban
Sheila Kogan
Tynan Kogane
Sandra Larriva
Mónica López-González
Alexandra Marvar
Christopher McCallion
Ryan P. McDermott
Will Noah
John Oursler
Spencer Parsons
Joseph Pomp
Michael Rawls
Nathan Rogers-Hancock
James T. Sheridan
Jennifer Simmons
Hans Staats
Jonathan Stromberg
Ed Vallance
Brette Weinkle
Stuart Weinstock

Marshall Yarbrough

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