Life is about having as much as you can. At the same time, life is also about having something to eat that won’t make you balloon up like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade float. You want to eat things for dessert that make you feel good like these fabulously, filling and fantastic options.

Chocolate Covered Fruit

Fruit is a great thing to eat. It’s full of flavor and can be eaten wherever you want. At the same time, eating fruit all the time is a bit boring. You want to bring it to the next level with your own personalized touch. With that in mind, now is to look to your old friend: chocolate. You know chocolate and chocolate knows you. Chocolate loves to placed with fruit. You can take your favorite kind of chocolate and bring in home. White chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate — it’s all possible and all goes well with any kind of fruit. You can take this fruit and dip into everything from strawberries to grapes and anything you like. Let them dry and bring them out at the end of the meal.

Maple Almond Butter

Maple and almonds go together like well maple and almonds. The elegant flavor and mellow intensity of the almond is a good match with the sweetness of maple. This is one of those low-calorie desserts that everyone likes at any time of the year. You can slather it on anything you want and relax as the flavors wash over you. Think about your favorite cookies. Shortbread is easy to take along and has the texture to stand up to the spread. This is also a dessert you can pair with lots of savory items. Be like the French. Bring out a cheese plate at the end of your meal. Add in a few different types of crackers. Then you can add in the maple almond butter. It’s not only delicious. It’s also tres chic.

Modern Kettle Corn

When you think about kettle corn, you think about the stuff little kids eat. Modern cooks know kettle corn isn’t just something the little children eat. This is why they have done their best to update it for the grown-up crowd. A bit of caramel can be gently placed across the kettle corn. Let it cool and it can be yours. You can add in a bit of extra without adding on the calories. Bring in a few nuts and add in that much-wanted crunch. This is the perfect thing to bring with you on that home movie night. Let everyone else have a turn as you see a new movie.

These desserts are so easy to make. They won’t load up your stomach with the calories you don’t want. All you need are a few simple ingredients like pieces of fruit, popcorn and some nuts and you’re right there. Low-calorie dessert are easy to make and entirely delicious as well.