Have you been in to see your dentist lately? If not, you might want to make an appointment soon—preferably before the end of the year!

Most dentists recommend that their patients have regular checkups once every six months or so, and that’s just what I plan on doing this month! Here are five reasons you need to schedule a complete dental exam ASAP.

1) Gum disease can be serious

In addition to being unattractive, gum disease can cause a number of health problems and it may also signify other oral health issues. Some symptoms that you might have gum disease include tooth sensitivity, bad breath, swollen gums, and receding gums.

If left untreated, bacteria in your mouth can cause severe damage to your teeth and gums. To avoid these issues, it is essential that you schedule a complete dental exam with your dentist on a regular basis.

Your dentist will be able to detect signs of gum disease before they become serious by performing diagnostic tools such as x-rays or visual exams of your mouth. He or she may also recommend additional tests to ensure that any issues are taken care of quickly before they get worse or cause more damage than necessary.

2) Teeth problems are often hidden

Many patients are in denial about their teeth problems. Often, it’s because they’re not seeing a dentist regularly. It’s easy to miss what may seem like a minor issue if you haven’t had a thorough exam.

But if you take care of your teeth (i.e., go to see your dentist regularly), then small issues can be caught early on. When found early, it’s easier and cheaper to fix them.

3) Good oral health is linked to good overall health

Recent studies have shown that individuals with healthy teeth are more likely to be in good overall health. Even when they aren’t currently experiencing any discomfort, those who don’t visit their dentist regularly may be missing out on important preventative care and screenings that could catch potential issues before they become serious. If you want to stay as healthy as possible, it’s a good idea to schedule regular dental exams.

4) It’s easier than it seems

When you go in and get your teeth cleaned go ahead and schedule a full exam while you’re there. You should only need two exams a year from your dentist: one an oral exam and one an X-ray.

The dental hygienist cleans your teeth and does a visual examination of them, but that’s only part of it. It takes both parts to give you a complete picture of what is going on with your mouth.

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