Long gone are the days when your only choice for your pet canine was a regular kennel. In today’s dog daycare market, you can choose from a wide variety of options that includes luxury dog hotels that offer high-end care and services for your beloved dog.

If you’re new to the luxury dog boarding experience, you might need to consider a few factors that can help you choose the best facility for your canine friend.

Here are 4 Factors To Consider

1.World-Class Facilities

Luxury dog hotels vary in facilities and amenities, with some offering extensively designed dog houses complete with balconies and an entertainment system, to state-of-the-art rooms with plush beddings and 24/7 CCTV so pet owners can see them whenever they want. An indoor and outdoor play area is also a good indication of a good luxury dog hotel because it provides your pet with enough space to run around and get fresh air.

Luxury dog hotels are quite pricey, which means you need to get what you pay for. Always check for high-end amenities and world-class facilities when you visit the dog hotel.

2.Trained and Certified Staff

A luxury dog hotel doesn’t just start and end with high-end facilities. One of the most important factors is the staff that care for your pet. Make sure they are certified in caring for your dog, have experience in handling different dog temperaments and personalities, and that they truly care for animals.

While there is no national governing body for certifications or any standard regulations, some groups do provide the proper certification and licenses for dog daycare staff. The International Boarding and Pet Services Association, or IBPSA for short, is a highly reputable certification group that offers clients the assurance that the facility adheres to industry standards of safety, cleanliness, training, and comfort. Other groups that provide certification are the Professional Animal Care Cerfitifaiton Council, and the Outstanding Pet Care Learning Center.

3.Includes Pet Grooming and Training Services

Grooming and training services allow pet owners to save time and money by having a one-stop-shop for all their pet’s needs. While you are away on a vacation or for business, you can leave your dog at the hotel for several days and make sure they receive proper grooming, care, as well as learn a thing or two in obedience, socialization, and other classes.

4.Tailored Services

Not all dogs are made the same. Some may follow a twice-a-day feeding schedule, while your dog may need to eat 3 times a day. Some dogs may behave well with other dogs, while others don’t. Making sure the facility can cater to the different needs of different dogs ensure that you will be provided customized care and services that meet your dog’s needs.

Puparazzi LA is a luxurious and wellness-focused luxury dog hotel in LA, offering tailor-made services that include grooming, daycare, and a spa facility for your canine friends. We have been in operation since November 2019, and we are committed to making sure your pet is well-taken cared of and having the time of her or his life while you are away.