HydroFacial is among the renowned skin treatment procedures that are used today by both cosmetic and medical professionals. It is basically a philosophy based on skin health. It is not only about improving the skin outlook but also restoring the youthful and healthy skin. Anyone can have hydrafacial treatment as it restores and rebuilds the health of skin thus giving in an instant improvement. The good news is that the treatment can be tailored so as to treat any specific type of skin problems that one may have. The process uses an advanced and patented technology to offer botanical ingredients featuring the most desirable nutrients such as horse chestnut, hyaluronic acid, copper zinc, red algae and magnesium peptides.

The process also fully packed with powerful antioxidants the works towards counteracting the damage of free radicals that are usually caused by stress, pollution and sun. These causative agents can really be damaging to the skin thus accelerating the aging process. The main HydraFacial treatment is a multi-step procedure that consist of four main steps, which are helpful in detoxifying the skin thus removing the dead skin cells, extracting debris and providing a log lasting dehydration and the critical nutrients that provides protection and rebuilding of the collagen cells. The four steps are customized to specific skin requirements.

The procedure is arranged in sequences that addresses the problem corrections one at a time in a well-defined order that defines the most of what can be delivered by each of the treatment. It also works to erase the wrinkles and lines, reduces the appearance of scars on the skin, repair hyper-pigmentation that is caused by exposure to the sun and lower the amount of oil in the skin. The following is a four-step process on how often should you get a hydrafacial and how long do hydrafacial results last.

Step 1: Exfoliation 
Removal of buildup of dead skin cells which will be of great help with improving product penetration and cell turn over while preparing the patient for the next step.

Step 2: Peel 
This combines both salicylic and glycolic acid hence providing the results of a light chemical peel that is very gentle on the skin. This result into a bright and energized skin.

Step 3: Extraction 
This is basically a painless and non-chemical method of extractions whereby whiteheads, blackheads and other impurities are sucked up to leave the skin pores refreshed and clean.

Step 4. Serum Infusion 
This is infusion of boosting serums that offers peptides, antioxidants as well as hyaluronic acid to the skin. Serums are usually chosen on the basis of an individual personal skin and are customized in treating given concerns.