When seeking a long-term solution to reduce damage to your discs and get back to enjoying normal activities, artificial disc replacement provides the appropriate solutions. The procedure involves replacing a natural damaged disc with an artificial one due to acute disc herniation or physical damage. Neurosurgeons Los Angeles can provide the best procedures for this spinal surgery, which helps restore mobility and flexibility by enhancing healing of the vertebrae segment. Let’s look at the aims of this procedure and how it works.

What is the main aim of Artificial Disc Replacement?

When carrying the artificial disc replacement, neurosurgeons Los Angeles aims at reducing pain and preventing further damage of the spine. The patient feels less pain after the surgeon removes the painful disc replacing it with a prosthetic implant. These procedures are more beneficial in relieving the pain than using non-invasive methods.

In addition, the procedures are vital for restoring the full functioning and working of your spine. The discs between your spine’s vertebrae are essential for facilitating free movement as they rub against each other. After wearing out of a disc, the replacement procedures will be essential for replacing the disc and restoring your spine’s full and effective working.

How the artificial disc replacement works

When having an artificial disc replacement works, the surgeons may partially or totally remove any damaged disc or discectomy. Removing the damaged disc plays an essential role in relieving pressure this damaged disc exerts on the spinal cord or nerves. After a successful replacement procedure, you can easily restore the alignment and stability of the spine and relieve the pain.

When caring for the procedures or arthroplasty, the surgeons remove the damaged or weak disc, then insert the replacement disc or prosthetic implant in the intervertebral space. The space will remain open following the removal of the damaged disc. When placing the disc or implant, the surgeon aims to achieve mobility and reduce pain. The disc comes in a design that helps preserve mobility in the disc space throughout the vertebral segment receiving treatment.

Final Thoughts

Artificial disc replacement is a necessary surgery that helps restore the spine’s effective working and relieve pain following disc damage. When performing the procedure or surgery, surgeons aim at replacing the damaged disc with an artificial one that acts as a joint to ensure proper movement and alignment. Neurosurgeons Los Angeles offers the best services when looking for the best surgeons for your artificial disc replacement surgery.