A kitchen remodeling project is a important and beautiful idea, but you have to do it the right way. First of all there should be a sink. Put it outside of the cooking and cleaning area so that a second person can prepare food, or wash their hands. There has to cabinets so you can store all your food and spices. A refrigerator so you can store all your food. There should be a full-extension, soft close drawer glides so you can pull out the cabinets and drawers completely. This will allow you to store stuff deep inside and reach for it anytime you want without any trouble. It should definitely have a stove so you can cook on it. A microwave for a quick heating of food. A trashcan big enough to hold all the junk you don’t need, and lastly a fan so you don’t get overheated.

The easiest way to save big when contemplating kitchen remodeling is to keep your current layout, take down walls, moving gas lines, plumbing connections, and any electrical wire. Choose a manufacture that will offer door style and finish as you want as a standard option, and not a up charge. For task light pick one of the low voltage strips or pucks.

Once you have remodeled you kitchen there are certain rules for open shelving. Any item in the open just sitting there will collect excessive amounts of dust. The perfect custom cabinets with a contemporary design can be crafted to hold specialized items. Oversize items like serving platters wont fit behind walls on normal kitchen cabinets.

Next is a cook top which some prefer an induction which uses a field to adjust temperature. It gives you a electric way of cooking and also offers gas. It also saves energy while doing its job, and wont burn your or the kids hands. The great part about this is that you don’t need gas lines just an outlet. That’s why i like it a lot because if there are a lot of running gas lines it looks bad for the new kitchen and also can be quite dangerous. You also need a recirculating fan above the cook top, so all the exhaust heat and chemicals can escape. Another thing that saved me in the kitchen was a dishwasher. This helps to clean dishes when you don’t have the time to. It does take electricity so make sure to be careful, and use it only when you don’t have the time to do your dishes.