Just off the coast of Southern California, right in the pacific, lies the charming and breathtaking Catalina island. Not only is it home to a host of species of birds, land mammals, sea life, but also a luxurious destination for camping adventures, fishing expeditions and other exciting recreational activities. The laid-back atmosphere has made it an ideal location for vacation, especially in California.

One sure way to relax and unwind on the exotic island is booking one of the striking and prominent hotels in catalina island. The hotels come in an array of styles, prices and sizes. You can as well find an assortment of boutique hotels, with romantic rooms and high-end features, which offer nothing short of absolute bliss.

Hotels and Packages

One thing you should note is that the highland is usually crowded during the summer season. Thus, it’s recommended that you visit Catalina during off-season so as you can fully enjoy the place and experience friendly rates. There are numerous packages designed for all to have fun, including both high end and affordable hotels, restaurants and recreational activities you can expect at a modern and decent resort. Some of the best places you can visit include:

• The Pavillion Hotel, a beachside hotel that will offer you a nice picturesque description of the island.

• Banning House Lodge, a charming place with romantic rooms and cuisines second to none.

• Casa Santa Rosa, an artistic, impressive and luxurious home that offers a breathtaking view of the sea.

• Hotel Villa Portofino, an upscale hotel with precious suites, decorative rooms and other extras like bathtubs and fireplaces.

Other cool hotels in catalina island include:

• Zaba Grey Pueblo
• Aurora Hotel
• Avalon Hotel
• Snug Harbor Inn
• Hermosa Hotel
• Casa Mariquita

Guide to choosing the best hotel

Before deciding on the best hotel that will perfectly suit your needs, here are a few tips you might want to consider just to be sure you don’t go wrong.

• Cost of the accommodation
• State/list your priorities
• Be well familiar with services and facilities
• Check the safety reviews
• Know the facilities and services offered

Being a fun destination masked with beautiful sights and attractions, you definitely don’t wish to have half precious memories and half regrets. It’s not a good idea. That’s why putting all the mentioned factors into consideration will ensure your trip or vacation goes down as one of the best things to ever happen in your life.

Final words

For all those visiting or staying in Southern California, Catalina island is that ultimate escape for absolutely fun moments. Hotels in catalina island will add glamour to your vacation or trip and with their super amazing styles, artistry and elegance, the least you can expect out of such an expedition is nothing but a heavenly experience.