Every year brings something new in terms of fashion and 2016 was no different! Some of these crazes were resurrected from years ago while some were completely new and fresh. Let’s answer the question “What was popular in fashion 2016?” and take a look at some of the hottest trends that the year brought.

Ahhh yes, hands up if you remember the 90’s – mid Spice Girls era! Chokers were well and truly on the necks of all tweens/teens and this year they came back into fashion with a vengeance. Whether you embraced the fashion trend or not, if you did wear a necklace throughout 2016, it was probably as right as possible!

Velvet EVERYTHING rocked the red carpets and streets this year! Velvet dresses were no doubt the most popular and they can look pretty sophisticated. I’m of the mindset that there is a time and place to wear this look but 2016 seemingly gave no boundaries.

Off the shoulder
Gregory Hanes with Daisy Duxie, “Bardot style tops/dresses became really popular this year and I think it’s a pretty cute look. Celebrities really worked the off the shoulder look this year, as did regular people like you and me. It’s quite a nice look that can be worn during the Summer months and for special occasions too.”

Over the knee boots
Boots that go all the way up your leg are now well and truly a “thing.” Absolutely everyone wore over the knee boots in 2016 and they can be styled with pretty much anything. Are you wearing skinny jeans? Throw a pair of over the knee boots on top. Wearing a cute dress to a party this weekend but don’t know what footwear to team it with? Those sexy boots will do the trick!

Leggings with sheer panels
Who says leggings have to be boring? 2016 showed that’s definitely not the case. Leggings with sheer panels threw themselves into the limelight and although I think it’s quite a weird look, it became really popular!

So the seventies dropped by and left their flares here. Skinny and bootleg jeans are not as popular as they once wear, thanks to these quirky pants making their way on the scene. They definitely offer something different and when worn with the right clothes, can make for a pretty cool outfit.

Bomber jackets
The definite winner for most fashionable outerwear in 2016 was the bomber jacket. These puffy jackets wore sold and worn absolutely EVERYWHERE. There are so many different styles/colors of bomber jackets available, that you can pretty much guarantee you’ll find one that looks good on you.